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this is a call.jjb

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Nowhere, MD, us
About me:
Call me Lindsay. I'm twenty plus one. I over think and worry A LOT! I usually remember everything. I'm always on time. I'm a control freak. I love British men, rockstars, and guys in tight pants. anything else, just ask :)
Favorite Music:
Nirvana The Beatles Guns n Roses Led Zeppelin Van Halen Motley Crue Bob Dylan Ramones The Doors Rush Avenged Sevenfold Johnny Cash Foo Fighters The Killers MGMT The Cars Tom Petty REM Smashing Pumpkins The Beach Boys &mooooore.
Favorite TV Shows:
Greys Anatomy Mad Men Supernatural True Blood Dexter How I Met Your Mother My So-Called Life Freaks and Geeks CSI(Las Vegas and NY) Entourage Rescue Me What Not To Wear Drake & Josh Weeds
Favorite Movies:
The Wizard of Oz Grease Almost Famous American Psycho Donnie Darko Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Goonies Requiem For A Dream American Beauty Fight Club Sixteen Candles Pretty In Pink The Lost Boys The Rocky Horror Picture Show Knocked Up Superbad Juno Pineapple Express The Breakfast Club The Little Mermaid
Favorite Books:
Sookie Stackhouse series Twilight Saga-(minus Breaking Dawn). -The Catcher in the Rye -Death of a Salesman -To Kill A Mockingbird -Wuthering Heights -A Bend in the Road -Dear John -A Walk to Remember -The Notebook any Nicholas Sparks books Chelsea Handler books-- -Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea -My Horizontal Life

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